Member Management For Your Chamber

ChamberSpace is a cloud based, meChamberSpace Member Managementmber management application designed specifically for Chambers of Commerce. Our system connects together membership management, invoicing and financial services, website management and broadcast email all into a single, easy to use system that you can access anywhere. Perhaps the best part is knowing up front what your annual investment will be! Our budget friendly setup fee and affordable monthly pricing structure allows chamber’s of all sizes to transition into ChamberSpace easily & efficiently.

Why ChamberSpace?


Our simple, low cost, all-inclusive monthly pricing model covers ALL components of ChamberSpace. You won’t be stung by unexpected fees for additional features that you may not want today but need tomorrow.


We know from working with Chambers of Commerce that each one has unique needs, processes and technical capabilities. ChamberSpace was created with this fundamental concept in mind.  Throughout the system, you can customize each section and feature to your Chambers exact needs. Instead of changing your chambers’ operations to conform to a piece of software, don’ t you think it’s time software conformed to you?


While other systems may be nearly as inexpensive as ChamberSpace, none of them can match the features we offer. We created ChamberSpace to be a turn-key program specific for chambers providing all the functionality necessary to run daily operation. ChamberSpace includes the following:



In addition to a great product, we’re proud to offer great support! We understand that each chamber has unique levels of technical experience  and needs.  As part of the all-inclusive monthly pricing, phone and email support to all of our customers is free.   We have also created an ever-expanding library of support materials including a manual, samples of materials used by other Chambers, and even videos.


While other systems may be nearly as inexpensive as ChamberSpace, none of them can match the features we offer. ChamberSpace was created to be a turn-key program for chambers of commerce providing all the functionality necessary to run a chambers daily operation. ChamberSpace includes the following:


  • Simple, intuitive data entry forms and reports
  • User-based permissions
  • Multiple addresses for mailing, billing and website
  • Customizable member and representative fields
  • Fool proof category management system
  • Group membership and committee tracking
  • Sales representative tracking
  • Ambassador tracking
  • Customizable member and representative options


  • Robust broadcast email system with branded templates, message history and opt-in/opt-out feature
  • Setup and manage newsletters
  • Embed pictures, calendar events, web pages and advertisements


  • Create invoices and receive payments
  • Print and/or email invoices and statements
  • Add custom notes to invoices and statements
  • Reports


ChamberSpace includes an invoice and payment module which allows you to consolidate your basic bookkeeping duties into a single system! The invoicing system includes the follow features:

  • Create weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual invoicing periods
  • Generate invoices for members based on billing cycle or custom grouping
  • Combine like invoices into batches for easier report and AR tracking
  • Auto-assign prepaid amounts to invoices
  • Email and/or print invoices.  Email to multiple addresses
  • Several revenue and AR reports


  • Predefined and customizable membership, accounting, website and communication reports
  • Export reports to HTML, XLS or CSV format


  • Easily update pictures, content and movies
  • Add, edit and delete individual pages or entire web site sections


  • Accept online registrations and payments
  • Create multiple calendars for different user groups
  • Setup daily, weekly and monthly recurring events
  • Allow members or non-members to submit events


  • Provide your members with access to update and manage their information, make payments, view chamber referrals and request support from chamber staff
  • Members can also manage
    • Representatives
    • Invoice and payment history
    • Billing settings
    • Chamber referrals
    • Mini web pages
    • Coupons
    • Jobs
    • Notes to and from chamber staff
    • Web page, coupon and referral statistics


  • Ambassadors can update designated members and representatives


  • Accept new membership applications online
  • Convert applicants to members in one click!


  • Sell products and services through your web site
  • Includes shopping cart, payment and order management systems


  • Sell and manage your own website advertising
  • Great source of non-dues revenue


Members don’t always have time to visit the chamber website to get the latest news or event info.  To help maintain contact with your membership, ChamberSpace includes a broadcast email system. Some of the features of the Broadcast Email Module include:

  • Unlimited mailings
  • Setup special groups or send to members based on a variety of parameters
  • Integrated database means no more export/import between 3rd party systems
  • Include attachments (pdf, doc, xls, etc…) up to 5mb
  • Easy to use editor allows you to style, embed images, and even paste from Word or other sources
  • Create your own email templates or use existing templates to maintain branding consistency across all your media
  • Styling elements (fonts, colors, etc…) are integrated into system for consistency branding between website and messages
  • Setup timed messages for holidays or after hours
  • Opt in and opt out lists
  • Includes language to allow users to easily opt-out without contacting the Chamber
  • Summary and detailed reports for all messages sent through system


ChamberSpace includes a robust calendar and event management module that makes it easy to display, promote, register and track events and attendees. The Event Management module has been developed over several years and includes the following features:

  • One time or recurring events
  • Multiple payment and registration options
  • Secure, online registration that can be integrated with any compatible processor
  • Event search
  • Automated invoice creation
  • Multiple display options (single month, full screen, multiple month, compact)
  • Scrolling event list
  • Option to allow members to submit their own events
  • Option to allow general public to submit their own events
  • Summary and detailed reports to see # of views and registrations


The Members Only Area is a special area on your website where members can log in and access special features unavailable to the general public. As is the case with many of the modules within ChamberSpace, you can enable or disable features available in the Members Only Area to make it fit with your workflow, rather than changing your workflow to conform to it. Some of the features available to the members within the members only area include:

  • Ability to update their membership and representative contact information
  • Ability to add new reps and deactivate old ones
  • Submit events
  • Submit Coupons
  • Submit Job Listings
  • Submit Special Announcement
  • Access special “Members Only Webpages” which contain content not meant for the general public
  • Create and manage their “Mini-Pages” which display in their online directory
  • View activity reports for each type of member-related submission (events, coupons, jobs, announcements, etc…)

Access to the members only area can be edited on the member and representative level.  Information about who has been accessing the Members Only Area and what information has been changed is available through various reports.  You can also customize the system to allow certain submissions to be posted on the website automatically or require specific approval from Chamber staff.


The Membership Application module allows visitors to submit their application directly into theChamberSpace system where a staff member can approve it with a single click! The application form is easy to use and can be customized within ChamberSpace to match your Chamber’s workflow.  You have the ability to show or hide different fields, make other fields required, and add text to the introductory and confirmation pages to help sell potential members.  Once an application is submitted, the designated staff member(s) are emailed, and the potential member is added into the ChamberSpace system as  “Pending Member”.  Once that potential member’s status is changed to active, they are immediately posted on the website and added to the invoicing system!

What’s Included?

Our simple, low cost, all-inclusive monthly pricing model covers ALL components of the ChamberSpace system – not just the basic member management features. You won’t be stung by unexpected fees for additional features that you may not want today but need tomorrow. Here are a few examples of components and features that are included with ChamberSpace that you may be charged extra for with other systems:

Website & Hosting

We provide template or custom designs. Cloud based hosting provides reliability and scalability. Modules built specifically for chambers of commerce including Membership directory, calendar and event registration system, members only area and a easy to use content manager.

Member Management

Designed specifically for chambers of commerce. Dozens of options unique to the industry. Customizable to match your Chamber’s operation and workflow. Import data from your existing member management system. Flexible invoicing and payment system.

Broadcast Email

Send your monthly, weekly or even daily messages to your members. Custom templates allow you to maintain branding consistency across all your media. Include attachments. Setup timed messages.

Moving to ChamberSpace

Whether you’re using an existing chamber management program, a set of XLS spreadsheets, or simply Quickbooks, Lawton can transfer your existing data into ChamberSpace so you don’t have to waste valuable time rebuilding data or bouncing back and forth between two systems.

For those using currently using a chamber management program or Quickbooks, data migration is quick and inexpensive.  If you have a custom or one-off solution, Lawton will provide a quote and timeline to transfer your data into ChamberSpace.